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A)  Micropig Video’s : Keyword Research with Market Samurai, Monetisation and Proof that my system works as the site shows up in Google. (8 Videos - Total Time 38:36s)

Note : These videos are made especially for the book NewbieToMillionaire and the web site is not a finished site. If you are not familiar with Wordpress, please watch D) Wordpress Videos first in order to understand these videos 5 and 6 better.


1. Keyword Research in Market Samurai, 9:51s

2. Buy Domain Name MicroPigShed, 3:48s

3. GoDaddy Setting up Hosting, 1:30s

4. Install Wordpress,2:22s

5. Install Theme and Plugins Wordpress, Install Google Analytics, 10:10s

6. Adding Monetisation Elements : Adsense, Amazon, Clickbank, etc..., 7:52s

7. Getting Backlinks To YourSite 5:40s

8. First Page Google Proof, 2:33s


9. Scan With Abbey Fine Reader, 1:59s


B) Affiliate Cash Tactics Videos : A to Z Step By Step System to earn money as an affiliate, no web site or money needed. Please visit the Affiliate Cash Tactics Videos Page or click here.

C).  Web Hosting and Domain Related Videos (4 Videos, Total Time 14:01s)
1. Web Hosting from Host Gator, 4:28s
2. Change Domain DNS, 1:51s
3. cPanel Instruction, 5:03s
4. Addon Domain, Subdomain, 3:19s

D). Wordpress Videos (36 Videos, Total Time 2 hours, 7min, 18s) Most videos are Wordpress 3.0.
1. Installing Wordpress from Your Server, 2:12s
2. Overview of Wordpress Dashboard, 6:08s
3. How to Make a Post, 8:50s
4. How to Edit Your Post, 3:54s
5. Wordpress Tags and Categories, 2:08s
6. Wordpress Links, 2:40s
7. What is a Page?, 3:03s
8. Comments function in Wordpress, 1:46s
9. Media Library in Wordpress, 5:04s
10. Themes Introduction in Wordpress, 1:54s
11. How to Install a Theme in Wordpress, 2:37s
12. Utilizing Widgets in Wordpress, 10:05s
13. Understanding Editors in Wordpress, 1:20s
14. What are Plugins for Wordpress, 2:32s
15. The Users Section, 4:36s
16. The Tools Section - How to Use Importing and Exporting, 2:04s
17. General Setting, 2:40s
18. Writing Setting, 2:58s
19. Reading Setting, 2:05s
20. Discussion Setting, 2:17s
21. Permanlinks Setting, 2:33s
22. Miscellaneous Setting, 1:06s
23. Using The Akismet Spam Plugin to Control Spam, 2:44s
24. How to Create A Contact Form in WordPress, 4:06s
25. How to Use Gravators for Your Blogs, 2:44s
26. How to Create A Testimonial in WordPress, 3:34s
27. How to Backup Your WordPress Bolg?, 4:15s
28. How to Create A Static Front Page for Your WordPress Blogs?, 2:31s
29. How to Hide Affiliate Links?, 2:27s
30. How to Get a Feedburner Account?, 6:50s
31. How to Redirect Your Defaut RSS Feed to Feedburner?, 2:30s
32. How to Install Google Analytics with Wordpress?, 4:18s
33. Google Analytics Overview, 3:54s
34. Managing Your Keywords with Google Keyword Tool, 3:35s
35. Using the All-In-One-SEO Pack for Your WordPress, 2:43s
36. Using the Google XML Sitemap Generator for Your Wordpress, 5:23s
37. How to Install the Twitter Widget?, 2:34s
38. How to Add Adsense to Wordpress Blogs? 5:18s

E). Aweber Autoresponder – Know how to do Email marketing (14 Videos, Total Time 49:38s)
1. How to Signup for a $1.00 Aweber Trial?, 3:20s
2. A Quick Introduction to Using Aweber, 4:57s
3. How to Create a List?, 8:49s
4. How to Create Forms?, 3:26s
5. Using Verified Opt-ins, 3:31s
6. Organizing Your Lists, 2:41s
7. How to Automate Your Lists, 3:22s
8. How to Create Followup Messages?, 4:57s
9. How to Send One Message to Multiple Lists?, 3:53s
10. How to Use Aweber Broadcasting?, 2:00s
11. How to Use Aweber Blog Broadcasting?, 3:08s
12. How to Track Clicks?, 2:27s
13. Aweber Campaign Sharing, 2:11s
14. Aweber Report Analytics, 3:36s

F). Social Media Networks (5 Videos, Total Time 29:7s)
1. My Space, 8:41s
2. LinkedIn, sorry, this video has been removed as it was a damage file.
3. Facebook, sorry, this video has been removed as it was a damage file.
4. StumbleUpon, 6:34s

5. Yahoo Answers, sorry, this video has been removed as it was a damage file.

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